CEO of Securus Technologies to Expose Wrongdoings of GTL

After almost a decade, Louisiana Public Commission has revealed startling information regarding illegal practices of some of the most prominent communication careers operating in the U.S. prison industry. According to the report, GTL, Global Tel Link, deliberately cheated prisoners and their families using illegal devices and over-charging. It is suggested that the management of GTL was aware of the situation but did not intervene. As a result, GTL and its management were able to generate more than $1.2 million, illegally.

Charges Against GTL, Global Tel Link

GTL implanted devices in its hardware allowing it to extend the call timings without customer’s consent. In addition to the device, calls attributed to GTL also reveal that the official call rates were much higher than the prescribed call rates by regulatory authorities. To add to the suffering, GTL used add-on programs prompting customers to extend the duration of calls. As such, customers also reported false and misleading advertising. Overall, the total loss due to the obnoxious practices of GTL resulted in a loss of $1,243,000.

Richard A. Smith to Raise Public Awareness

Acknowledging the illegal practices of GTL, CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard A. “Rick” Smith has vowed to fight the corruption in the industry. In a recent statement, Richard declared that his company will publish a series of press release that will highlight gross misconduct of GTL. He said that such steps are necessary because it will educate the public and force companies like GTL to stop taking advantage of the suffering families. He also added that Securus Technologies will continue to provide relevant information about recent and past incidences. In fact, Richard claims that GTL is still involved in such activities, which forced him to highlight the issue. For more information regarding wrongdoings and integrity breaches by GTL, visit the website of Securus Technologies.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.